Upcoming FREE Baca and Prowers Counties Legal Clinics at the Springfield and Lamar Public Library– These are free legal clinics for parties who have no attorney. The clinic in Baca County at the Springfield Public Library will be at 4:00-5:00PM on Wednesday, June 10th. The clinic in Prowers County at the Lamar Public Library will be at 3:00-6:00PM on Monday, June 1st.

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Will be on 710am KNUS @ 3:05pm today talking about EBT Card abuse and what we will do about it.

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I am proud to see Trinidad State Junior College taking this step forward becoming an NRA Certified Training Center. For those in the area, I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity.

Trinidad State becomes the first NRA Certified Training Center

(TRINIDAD, COLORADO) Trinidad State Junior College is pleased to announce a partnership with the National Rifle Association to launch the first ever NRA Certified Training Center in February of 2015. Approved by the Department of Education and the Higher Learning Commission, this affiliation allows students to use federal financial aid, the GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation benefits to help pay for their firearms safety training.
Five classes teaching the essentials necessary to earn NRA Instructor Certification credentials will begin on February 19, 2015.

“More than 100,000 NRA Certified Instructors teach nearly 1,000,000 students the basics of safe, effective use of firearms every year,” said NRA General Operations Executive Director Kyle Weaver.”Partnering with Trinidad means America’s longstanding tradition of gun ownership has never been more secure.”

Trinidad State President Dr. Carmen Simone expects to receive applications from all over the country. “It’s about education and gun safety,” said Simone. “And we have a great opportunity to train the trainers who teach people how to properly handle firearms.”
Classes are divided into two groups: Basic and Instructor. To gain a NRA Firearms Safety Instructor Certificate, students must complete 18-credit hours. The classes include basic pistol shooting, followed by an instructor level pistol shooting class. Other classes cover rifles, shotguns and muzzle loading firearms. A public speaking class is required along with a practice teaching course.

“The thing that most people don’t know is the NRA’s primary business since they started was education and safety training,” said Gunsmithing Instructor and Associate Dean of Career and Technical Education Keith Gipson.”We’ve worked a long time to get this together.”

Trinidad State’s affiliation with the National Rifle Association dates back to 1977. For 37 years, students have signed up for nine weeks of gun-related summer classes. More than 20 additional classes are on this year’s agenda thanks to the new NRA partnership.

The new curriculum aligns well with Trinidad State’s renowned Gunsmithing school; a two-year program that trains individuals to become professional gunsmiths. Trinidad State also operates Prator Gun Range, a shooting complex located six miles southeast of downtown Trinidad. The complex offers trap and skeet shooting as well as multiple rifle and pistol lanes. Lectures for the new classes will take place at the range and the main campus.

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Information to all folks near Baca County:

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2015 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

A free legal clinic for parties who have no attorney, will be featured from 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM on the second Wednesday Of each month at the Springfield Public Library at 1260 South Main Street in Springfield. By computer link, volunteer attorneys will answer questions, help fill out forms, and explain the process and procedure for all areas of civil litigation, including family law, property law, probate law, collections, appeals, landlord-tenant law, small claims, veterans issues, and civil protection orders. Walk-ins are welcome, and everyone will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis.

Upcoming dates in 2015 are: February 11; March 11; April 8; May 13; June 10; July 8; August 12; September 9; October 14; November 11; and December 9, 2015


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Fun day! Campaigned in Simla and Kiowa and everyone I met is tired of the current direction and voting Republican from Gardener all the way down ticket to County Commissioner. Then finished the day with Elizabeth Fire at their annual Chili Cook off. Tomorrow everyone is invited to Casey Jones park in Elizabeth where all Republican candidates will be there between 1-4pm. 30 days! Keep it up.

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“There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of her citizens can not cure.” ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

As we celebrate our Nation’s birthday and worry about her future, this quote is so appropriate. But we must together be the citizens that cure our country’s woes. Happy Independence Day.

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Now that the 120 day marathon we call the Colorado General Assembly is completed, it is time to start thinking about victory in November.

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There is a great simplicity about Christ’s birth. He comes without any fanfare. There were no breaking news reports or celebrity type parties. On earth only Mary and Joseph share in the divine adventure and the shepherds who received the message from the angels. And later on, the wise men from the East. They were the only witnesses of this transcendental event which unites heaven and earth, God and man. Yet God humbled himself to allow us to get near him, so that we could give our love in exchange for his, so that our freedom might bow, not only at the sight of his power, but also before the wonder of his humility. Merry Christmas everyone.

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